Driver Recruitment Marketing Services


Experience managing tens of millions of dollars in driver recruitment marketing with a proven track record of getting more drivers in trucks.


We think and behave with the mindset of scientists. Every area of our driver recruitment marketing is focused on maintaining innovation. Remaining stagnant is not an option in a rapidly changing Driver Recruitment environment.


Through innovative thinking on a daily basis, and weekly calls with our clients and partners, we consistently have new ideas quickly implemented into our campaigns and our driver recruitment technology mix.

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Driver Recruitment Marketing Services

Performance Marketing is a marketing strategy aimed at driving measurable results with your marketing investment. The term “performance marketing” is often used in contrast with “branding”. However, they can (and must) work hand in hand.

Facebook advertising gives companies access to a vast and targeted audience who are in various stages of the conversion cycle. That means that we can share your marketing message with the exact person that you want to see your message the moment they need to see it.

We offer a mix of fully managed Google Ads, percentage-based management fees on large accounts, and even consulting to bring your Google Ads in house.  Our approach is to hear what your current needs and pain points are, and to build a custom solution. 

Consolidating your Facebook Ad Management and your Instagram Ad Management means that your messaging can be concise and clear across all social media platforms that your target audience is spending time on.

With Driver Recruiter Coaching, you can get monthly individual recruiter or team coaching and boost drivers signed up for your orientation classes.  A little motivation and coaching can go a long way to boost recruiter morale and performance.

Through Performance Marketing, landing page building, audience segmentation and remarketing, we not only allow businesses to cut down on how much they pay for leads but also the number of leads it takes to make a sale. Learn more about Conversion Rate Optimization.

Whether your business is B2C or B2B, LinkedIn Marketing can be utilized as a highly targeted platform full of user’s with high intent to convert.

At Craddock Holdings, we help our clients develop an effective strategy for LinkedIn Advertising that is both targeted to their exact ideal customer and also content that is appropriate for that audience. 

High Quality Direct Leads At Scale

One of the pain points driver recruitment directors and managers are experiencing on a daily basis is the lack of quality leads. There are multiple vendors in the industry who provide leads at a low cost. Low cost leads often come in the form of what is known as multi-carrier applications, job board leads, matched leads, and recommended jobs. Our goal at Trucking Clicks is to provide you with a solution to this challenge. Trucking Clicks specializes in providing high quality direct leads at scale to get more drivers in your trucks.

Our Timeline

Position Analysis
"Where You Are"

We ask great questions to learn what your pain points and strength areas are with your current driver marketing mix and recruiting workflow.

Strategic Consulting
"How To Get Where You Want To Go"

We come up with a customized plan to help you get drivers in your trucks leveraging the right mix of direct marketing channels and driver recruitment process improvement.

Marketing Execution
"Before The Click"

We execute direct marketing campaigns leveraging both your brand equity and our Trucking Clicks audiences and brands.

Conversion Optimization
"After The Click"

We leverage ad tech, hire data, and campaign data to get drivers in your trucks at scale. We also help your team leverage your applicant tracking system to drive more hires.

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