Put Your Brand In Front of Driver-Centric Audiences With Facebook Ads.

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Facebook Ad Management

Share your marketing message to the right people, at the right time.

Facebook advertising gives companies access to a vast and targeted audience who are in various stages of the conversion cycle. This means we can share your marketing message to an exact person in the moment that they need it. At Trucking Clicks we get your message in front of the exact right driver type on Facebook using our company owned pages like Trucking Jobs, Flatbed Jobs, Owner Operator Opportunities, Hazmat Jobs, Local Trucking Jobs, OTR Jobs, etc.

With every one of our partners, we are sure to do plenty of market research to understand their specific market / audience. We also include the set-up amd creation of Facebook Business Manager.

Build completely custom audiences, along with custom ad creation (image or video).

Using Facebook’s powerful advertising platform, we are able to target consumers at every stage of the conversion cycle, at exactly the right time.

  • Message crafting for each targeted audience
  • Free landing page builds
  • Targeted ad delivery
  • Campaign optimizations towards campaign objectives
  • Monthly reporting on campaign performance

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