Nowhere to Go But Up: Are You Ready?

With the recent news about recruiter layoffs and budget cuts in the past six months, it’s hard to ignore the fact that we’re currently facing a freight recession. Many friends and colleagues are struggling with career uncertainty with management pressing for cost savings.

We likely are seeing the bottom or the spot market now, which means it may take several months for the market to recover.

But here’s some good news: things are about to improve!

This is a crucial moment to solidify your marketing and recruitment strategy. Fleets that plan ahead will achieve better Cost per Hire and a higher percentage of full trucks heading into 2024.

Here are three important considerations for fleets preparing for a rebound:

  • Hiring Drivers Takes Time: 
    • On average, it takes around 28 days for most fleets to convert a lead into a hired driver. That means you need to be proactive and start advertising before the freight increase occurs.
  • Leads Are Currently on Sale 
    • Traditionally, Q3 is one of the most cost-effective periods for truck driver recruitment. Additionally, many fleets have reduced their budgets, and lead generation marketing typically operates on a bid-based auction system. This creates a prime opportunity to acquire leads at a favorable cost.
  • Recruiting is Only One Piece of the Puzzle: 
    • If your fleet has experienced smaller orientation classes throughout the summer, it’s essential to ensure that your onboarding process can scale effectively across marketing, safety, operations, and driver support.

At Trucking Clicks, we’re offering a limited-time “expansion plan”. We’ll design your landing page, prepare your ads, and set up your recruiting team for success while offering a rolling start date so you can run when the market shifts!

Set your team up to move quickly in a market that we know will shift soon.

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